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Since 1995

What once started as a freight firm, quickly became a reliable medium-sized enterprise that grew out into an global competitive logistics provider offering tailor-made solutions.

Combining freight

By combining freight and modalities we can provide the best logistic solution for every situation to transport their freight fast, low in price and safe.

Strategic locations

The headquarter of all activities is located in Venlo, the logistic heart of Europe: perfectly connected by road water and rail.

Large range of industries

As one of the leading logistics HUB facilities in Europe we have an immense portfolio of transport and logistics solutions that spans in multiple industries.


Why Cabooter

The key components of providing the best logistic solution for our clients all over the world is combining freight and modalities with multiple desinations.

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Rail Transport

The critical link in the supply chain, moving millions of tons of goods every day.

Water Freight

The use of inland waterway transportation makes just-in-time deliveries possible.

Road transport

The Cabooter group cooperates with a big network of chartered trucks.

Air Freight

With the many advantages for shipping through air, speed of delivery is one of biggest advantages.

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