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Rail cargo is twice as fast as sea freight and on average 65% cheaper than air freight. In addition, it has up to 27 times lower CO2 emissions than air freight. Furthermore, there are additional advantages to rail freight, including its speed and signi´Čücantly lower cost compared to air freight.

Discover Cabooter's global Multimodal Hubs

Discover Tri-City Logistics Hub, a vast multimodal hub spanning over 550,000 square meters, seamlessly linking Kaldenkirchen, Blerick, and Venlo.

The Cabooter Group is strongly dedicated to global connectivity and is strategically expanding with the addition of offices in Rotterdam, Košice and Istanbul, along the Silk Road.

Silk Road
Silk Road

Navigating the Silk Road on a journey of global trade

Follow the Silk Road and explore the Northern Corridor, the iconic route of the Trans-Siberian Railway. The route has been transformed by thousands of kilometres of new track into Eurasia's most important rail freight corridor. Covering a distance of 10,000 kilometres and transporting goods in 12 to 14 days, it stands as the fastest rail link across Eurasia.

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The Cabooter Group welcomes you with open arms, whether you are pursuing a lifelong dream, a recent graduate or an experienced professional looking to apply your knowledge.

Our work culture is informal yet entrepreneurial and together with you we strive to achieve our goal of promoting modal shift.