Complementary Businesses

Diverse Pillars Supporting the Cabooter Group
Our core business is logistics. In addition to this, we own an extensive real estate portfolio across the Netherlands and Germany, comprising offices, warehouses, cross-docks, terminals, and parking facilities.

Cabooter Complementary Businesses represents a diverse portfolio of companies that are spin-offs from our logistics and real estate ventures. Our holdings included firms specialized in facility management, catering services, recruitment and outplacement, training and education, swim training for children and seniors, and fitness centers. Each company within our Participations is established as a joint venture, with the Cabooter Group holding a majority share.

Beyond Logistics: Exploring Diverse Opportunities
At the Cabooter Group, logistics is our foundation, but our interests extend far beyond. We operate a dynamic group of companies, adhering to the principle of investing 75% in development while financing the remaining 25%. Over the years, this strategy has led to numerous success stories. If you have an innovative idea, we want to hear from you.

We are committed to fostering young entrepreneurship. Submit your business plan to us. We can form a powerful partnership if we believe in your vision and plan. Through this collaboration, we offer co-financing and guidance to help develop and grow your new business.