Multimodal Solutions

Multimodal Solutions for Modern Supply Chains
Navigating today's complex global supply chains requires a dynamic approach. Our multimodal solutions provide just that, integrating multiple modes of transport for unparalleled efficiency and adaptability.

What is Multimodal Transport?
Multimodal transport combines two or more modes of transport - e.g. rail, truck and ship - under one contractual agreement. This streamlined method facilitates smoother transitions between modes, reducing handling, cost, and time.

Cabooter’s multimodal system

  • Rail: As an essential route for transporting over long distances, rail guarantees punctual and environmentally friendly movement between central hubs.
  • Truck: Trucks are highly effective in linking transport dots. They can be used for the beginning of a shipment's journey, or for the delivery's "last mile", extending the connection beyond ports and rail terminals.
  • Ship: Important to international logistics, ships handle the heavy lifting of large shipments across oceans, providing a cost-effective link between continents.

Why Multimodal?

  • Faster journeys: By using multimodal transport you can further optimize your transit times and gain a significant competitive advantage.
  • Optimised efficiency: Using the most appropriate mode of transport for each stage of the journey ensures fast deliveries.
  • Cost management: By maximizing the strengths of each mode, shipments often incur lower costs.
  • Increased flexibility: Our multimodal system can be adapted to meet the unique needs of each shipment, regardless of the type of cargo, route, or schedule.

Our multimodal solutions provide both rhythm and direction. It's not just about moving freight; it's about optimising every step of the journey. Trust our expertise to get your shipments from A to B efficiently, regardless of distance or complexity.

Multimodal Solutions
Multimodal Solutions

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